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The cliche love interest of Sonic. Basically, pink hedgehog time!

Pr0n ScandalEdit

Amy has been detained by the Chinese Thought Police for possession of illegal drugs. i was singing stupid foo

So Called 'Friends'Edit

Amy has a lot (or she thinks a lot) of friends. She made her friends almost commit suicide from her annoying voice.

Sonic- 'Boyfriend'



Cream- Best friend

Family (Only her parents like her)

Early JobEdit

Amy's grandmother wanted her to be a doctor so she could be rich and share 3/4 of the money to her family. But Amy had another plan. She didn't want to share the money; she wanted her own! So she was going to be.... A STRIPPER!

She really didn't have a lot of money the first week. Probably because the men thought she was disgusting (and not the naughty type). She still managed to keep her job, thinking $5 a week is enough.

Once she had $15, she had planed to go buy a car. Well, she really couldn't buy a car with $15, duh! It took her five hours to figure that out, so she stole a car. A pink car..

The police men came and Amy started to panic. She tried to speed up, but instead drove into a tree by accident. She went to the hospital for that (even though she should be in jail).

She met Cream whom wanted to give Amy special care. Amy wanted to live with Cream. Cream's mother, Vanilla, didn't agree with taking care of a girl that hit a tree, trying to escape the police. She let Amy live with them for a few months, anyway.THIS IS MADNESS! IT'S OVER 9000!


Amy than r@p3d Cream and Vanilla than was in a Mental Prison for life. And then all her 'friends' lived happily ever after(except for cream).