Grond the Hedgehog (a.k.a. grondthehedgehog) is a Scratch user that proceeds to godmode in all of his roleplays. He always switches sides, and then claims something stupid that made him do it. He says he is the "ultimate life form!!1!1on1eo!en1ONo1en1eO!En!o1en1O!ENO!Eneo1noENE!E!eeo1neO1eO", but we all can agree that Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his super pingas powers prevail over all.

He says he is the holder of every element none to mankind, or in his case "hedgehogkind", I guess. I obviously don't know what I'm doing here, though. Maybe he himself can take a retaliation to this retarded article and see what his tiny little brain has in store for us.

Two years ago, my best broobie, Darkthehedgehog, was informed that the Scratcher was only in the 3rd grade, which is really hard to believe because with his suckish roleplaying skills, it feels like he's a true kindergartner. Shit's going down, bro.