Soneck is the reincarnation of Sonic. Unlike Weegee, who remembers his past life as Luigi Soneck has no idea he used to be Sonic. Because of this he has teamed up with Eggman many times and tried to kill Tails. Eventualy Some Random Guy told Soneck about his past life. After learning about how Mario killed him Soneck went mad and gathered the Chaos emeralds and went super. Soon after, Mario was killed and Weegee got mad. Soneck and Weegee have had a rivalry ever since. However Some Random Guy has predicted that Mario will be reincarnated as Mehrioo and kill Soneck. He also predicted that broccoli tasted good so we aren't sure about how accurate this guy is. Soneck has recently been trying to make a device that will turn him into a god but Some Random Guy says he will become Kcenos if he does that. Kcenos is the opposite of Soneck and will turn completely insane Soneck does this. Nobody knows what Soneck looks like since he can turn invisible. What we do know is that, like Sonic he can use the chaos emeralds! Anyways Soneck is a lot weirder than Sonic and has terrible puns. One day a new universe will be born and none of this Un Sonic wiki will happen and everything will be normal.