This show was the best Sonic series ever. It featured bad graphics, crappy voice acting, retarded coherency and horrible sound quality, making this the best Sonic TV Show in history!


Season 1 (1991)Edit

Episode #1

Sonic eats a Chili Dog

Synopsis: Sonic eats Chili Dogs and makes Tails pass him a huge variety of toppings, such as mustard, ketchup, salsa, cheese, mayonnaise, crack, coffee, blood, nachos and tacos. This was the most amusing episode in the series, mainly because sonic throws up in tailss' face, and he starts running around screaming "MY EYES! MY EYES!".

Episode #2

Sonic kisses Knuckles

Synopsis: Sonic sees a giant emerald and tries to sell it on ebay. He got punched in the face by a red enchilada called Knuckles. Sonic falls in love with him. he puts lipstick on and starts chasing Knuckles around trying to kiss him. Sonic finally catches Knuckles and kisses him on the lips. Fans had wet dreams.

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