The Zim drawing as mentioned.

Sonic the Unoriginal Headhawg (dubbed that by me, CUZ I'M A DICK!) is a user on Scratch, which is the most immature site EVAR~!!!1ONE!OE!oEN1ejEN The link to his page is here:

He's known for stealing artwork of many Scratchers, including pinkglamgrrl, JustAnotherFace, and BenDaMan.

What's really the fucked up part is that the Scratch Team is 100% open to this asshole.

"Everything you put out on Scratch can be shared with other users! This is a sharinngggggg community! :D" Meaning we can't do shit to stop him. He can recolor all of our artwork like a fuckwad, and we can't even stop him.

And that, my very good people, is why Scratch is a terrible website. Because everyone can steal your shit without asking permission, and make it all shitty, and no copyright anything stops them.

Especially SonicTheHeadhawg.

A lot of people are saying that Headhawg is just EmilyTheTrollhog in disguise. Some people think that's right, some people things it's just a gigantic pile of bullshit. No one knows who wrote this god damned article, so why should you care what I think?

Well I think that it's a pile of bullshit too. :D

He's also a major troll. He goes on Scratch projects and says stuff like the following;

"How to play?"

"So I heard you like ...?"

and so on and so fucking forth.

If any of you bitches wanna talk to him personally, his Skype is sonictheheadhawg123

The funny thing about this guy is, he can actually draw if he puts his mind to it.

Which most of the time he doesn't.

But he actually drew Invader Zim once, and it was pretty good. So I give him props for that. And only that.

Well, you sure wasted your time reading this shitty article, didn't you?


You did.

Now get the fuck off.

Go watch porn or something.











Oh my God fine.

  • ends article*
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