Sonic X was a TV show (dubbed by 4kids) which was rubbish for obvious reasons.

And they ran outa ideas. True story!

The voice actor obviously had problems (impotence and retardation) and he was killed by Sonic's body double for giving such rubbish voice acting.


4kids decided to make a Sonic TV show with no action, plot or nachos. Now, where have we seen that before? Hmm...

With money signs in their eyes, the monkeys script writers rushed through the whole thing, not giving a crap about the welfare of the foolish viewers. And anybody who watched it was paralyzed by the lameness, which is why the UN tries to stop the banana pickle wars.

4kids decided to put (warning: epic amounts of chuck norris on the way) in the shows, and the viewers were mesmerised by Eggman saying "Snooping as usual i see. As the show finished, they all had seizures. THE END